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Business Architecture and Management Consulting in New Orleans


Strategy Consulting

Goals & Core Capabilities

Identifying a company's goals and core capabilities is critical in defining its unique value proposition to the market.  Cooper will work with you to establish these requirements that will provide key inputs for process, organization and technology architectures.


Process Architecture

Well defined and clearly communicated processes that align with the business's core capabilities and targeted outcomes, provide the mechanism to extract relevant information for continuous improvement and process optimization.


Organization Architecture

Customer, Functional, Process, or Product Based

Cooper will help identify the structure best suited for your business and advise on key roles and competencies required to support its needs.


Technology Architecture

Easy to use, scalable, agile and integrated are some of the key criteria for a company's technology solution to be effective.  The ability to collaborate with teams in or across functional boundaries is an increasingly essential component in any business's management plan. 

Management Consulting 

CFO Services

Ideal for the small to mid-size business that has an administrative and accounting team but may need higher level business advice for a specific short term need, or want to build a long term growth management plan to take the business to the next level.


Accounting Software

Whether you are not using an

accounting software package at all,

or think you are not getting what you

need out of your current software,

Cooper can assess and advise on a solution to best fit your needs.



If cross departmental communication is constantly causing confusion and creating delays, Cooper can customize and implement a user friendly, integrated software package that will improve efficiency and add customer value.


Policies and Procedures

Business continuity is essential in maintaining customer satisfaction.  When you experience employee turnover, you want a seamless transition that will go unnoticed by your customers.  A well thought out organizational chart accompanied by job descriptions and policies & procedures is crucial.


Business Startup

Make sure you get off on the right foot when planning to start your own business.  Let Cooper assist you with your business startup needs and ensure everything is handled properly from the start.