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Cooper Consulting, LLC

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Troy A. Cooper

Experience Profile

Cooper's career began in 1995 after one socially opportunistic year at the University of Southern Mississippi.  He then took it upon himself to find gainful employment and get some real world experience.  He was afforded a great opportunity to work as a financial analyst for a fortune 500 company responsible for analyzing potential customers internal office services costs. His analytics were relied upon to present a cost/ benefit analysis to upper management that detailed the value of outsourcing those functions.   

After 3 years in that capacity he made a change and went to work for a small consulting practice focusing on building budgets and compensation packages for law firms.  During this time he was also enrolled at LSU and completed his bachelors degree in Economics.

After graduating, he accepted a controller position with a business supply company.  In addition to the routine functions of that role, He identified and pursued an opportunity to expand the business by approaching existing customers and proposing outsourcing solutions similar to those performed in his first job.  The new line of business was a success.  Revenue and profits were up and the company was expanding.  Soon thereafter, the business was sold. 


During his tenure as controller, he attended night school at UNO and successfully completed the accounting courses required to sit for the CPA exam. 

After Katrina hit in 2005 he commuted to Baton Rough where he worked with a small CPA firm primarily on tax. He was in charge of approximately 200 individual tax returns and 40 small businesses as well as supervising two other accountants.  

In 2007,  Cooper was recruited by a business owner in the New Orleans area to spearhead the growth management of a tree services company.  At that time, the business was engaged in a few post Katrina debris removal contracts.  Over the course of his 8 years as CFO,he championed the growth from a single entity with fewer than 15 employees, to a conglomerate of 8 operating entities, and a management consulting company with 150+ full time employees, consolidated revenues over $100 million and assets in excess of $50 million.


Cooper Consulting, LLC

Brief Overview

Formed in 2007 as a side business to his full time position as Chief Financial Officer of a construction company, he spent nights and weekends advising a small group of business owners with issues that reached beyond their companies internal capabilities. 

In 2014 he decided it was time to deploy his 20 years of accounting, administration, operations, IT and project management experience full time and develop his business consulting services practice.  

Cooper Consulting is a boutique management consulting practice servicing the greater New Orleans area focused on designing business architectures that optimize efficiency and maximize profits.

With a personal, hands on approach, Cooper gains an intimate knowledge of your operation at every level to build a customized system specific to your organizations needs that is cost effective, efficient, and most importantly, easy to use.


Education Profile & Other Affiliations

Bachelors, Economics

Louisiana State University

Graduate Studies, Accounting

University of New Orleans

CPA Candidate

Memberships and Volunteer Work 

Institute of Management Accountants

CMA designation expected May 2019

New Orleans Chamber of Commerce

Pastoral Council, St. Ann Catholic Church

Bayou Boys Volleyball Club. strategy consulting

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